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Graphic Design is My Passion | Origin and Best 15 Memes

Are you want to work in graphic design or visual artists firms? Or, do your job in a web design industry that loves memes daily? In both scenarios, it’s usual to hear the phrase “graphic design is my passion” meme. Generally, this phrase indicates poor or bad working on graphic design. Or, more specifically, when an excellent graphic designer does something wrong purposely, he uses this phrase.

The phrase started as a literal statement expressing a graphic designer’s feelings about the craft. And later it became a cliché and finally a parody. Although it was revealed approx six (06) years earlier, still it uses to have the fun of particularly pathetic work, nowadays.

The Origin or Birth of Graphic Design is My Passion Meme:

On the Seventh of July (07), 2014, a Tumblr user “Yungterra” posted this graphic design is my passion meme. It represents a bad graphic design sample, or more accurately, a bad meme design. Originally, it was an eye-roll online phrase and garnered over 3,42,000 notes on Tumblr the following year, helping make this meme the top hit of the year. This user nickname “Yungterra” illustrated the cloudy gray sky, and a green cartoon frog, and added her fiery caption.

The Origin or Birth of Graphic Design is My Passion Meme

This meme also demonstrates how a low-quality design looks and becomes so popular surprisingly. Unbelievably, it received over 3,52,000 notes within a year and simultaneously brought hundreds of memes.

What Does This Phrase Reveals:

As a process, memes have their idiosyncratic life cycle that can range from a simple quote, incident, tweet, or many more to a deep blue sea of laughter and creativity. And this meme is born to make fun of moderate design by visual artists, designers, and many design companies. And it goes so viral that even today when any bad design comes, they often referred this phrase.

So, you could say, the phrase “graphic design is my passion” was coined to mock moderate design by graphic designers. It won’t be wrong to say, memes are a play on some hobbyist graphic designers who use Word, Paint, or other free apparatus to perform graphic designs.

Graphic Design Is My Passion – 15 Memes

In this segment, you can find some extraordinary graphic memes examples which are truly simple and with an original touch. On a fun note, hope these memes bring a smile to your face.

1. The Cloud Gray Sky and the Frog:

The Cloud Gray Sky and the Frog

It’s the original meme by “Yungterra” a Tumblr user, gained immense popularity and among the designer’s community, it’s still widely popular.

2. A Dinosaur with Red Background:

A Dinosaur with Red Background

The red background with unequaled fonts disturbing eyes and describes that the designer doesn’t know anything about design.

3. Asking About Work Before Time:

Asking About Work Before Time

It’s a heart-touching meme for a designer when working under pressure or strict deadlines. The results will poor eventually if the boss pushes to finish the job before its time.

4. Emoji:


What is your first reaction when you see this emoji? This drawing of emoji tells that the creator of this drawing is trying to mock someone.

5. Awkward Alien Face:

Awkward Alien Face

This awkward alien face graphic design was created by the designer to mock the school kids for their sense of design and know-how.

6. A Cat with Rainbow Background:

A Cat with Rainbow Background

Commonly, everyone does love cats but overuse in web design can distract the viewers. Significantly, using a rainbow background and unmatched fonts will divert viewers away from the pic.

7. Variety of Design Formats:Variety of Design Formats

It’s really hard to convert the design file format sometimes. And the topmost hardest thing is when a client asks to convert a file that is not suitable for a graphic design file.

8. Meme With GOAT:

Meme With GOAT

Hilarious!!! With this meme, you can justify the key difference between an excellent graphic design and a worst-executed design.

9. A Suited Guy:

A Suited Guy

It’s a question to you, how would you reply when you see a graphic design like this “a well-suited guy with a beautiful sunset background.”

10. A Table –  Graphic Design is My Passion:

A Table - Graphic Design is My PassionIf you have a quality-full design, it doesn’t want any clarification but enables you to understand the significance of the visualization at first sight.

11. Reaction Of Graphic Designers:

Reaction Of Graphic Designers

Unique and informative content always works best. Using Shutterstock or other pictures with watermarks is never a good practice.

12. Designers and Artists:

Designers and Artists

Designers and artists are two different things and never do the same work. But if trying to put them together, it delivers the same result as the image.

13. I Love Graphic Design:

I Love Graphic Design

Now, the designers of this meme have poked fun at themselves. “What I actually do, or What I think I do” it’s a top and more famous meme that debunks the myth about all types of employment.

14. Design is My Passion – You Can’t Stop Me:

Design is My Passion - You Can’t Stop Me

This is one of the trendiest design memes trending in my passion that has been featured in various publications.

15. The Frog is Back – Graphic Design is Our Passion:

The Frog is Back - Graphic Design is Our Passion

Like the heading, the meme “the frog is back” is really back on track but with a bit more voice and diverse background. And the coming back of this meme describes the importance of why graphic design is my passion introduced and its counting popularity.

A Few Quotes About Graphic Design is My Passion:

I’m going to share with you a bit of graphic design-related quotes in this very segment for passion written.

“Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.” – David Carson

“If no one hates it, no one really loves it.” – “Jessica Walsh”

“If you can properly define the problem, then you’ve already defined the solution as well.” – “Chip Kidd”

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” – “Neville Brody”

“Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.” – “Frank Chimero” 

You’ll have to be immensely passionate while desiring to build something new for others in graphic design. Also, you must devote your precise time and energy to do so.

Honestly, self-development should be the main attention for graphic design. Which you must acquire through comprehensive practice and learning.

Core Reasons to be a Graphic Designer:

Are you thinking about becoming a graphic designer? WOW, you’ve chosen a great path for an outstanding career. It guides the creation of visual thoughts to communicate ideas that motivate and apprise clients.

According to a study by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), in 2020, the average annual gross pay for a graphic designer was almost $53,350. Besides the net yearly income, this sector has an appreciable grace upon an individual life both lifestyle and job-related.

If you’re successful in graphic design tasks and have a strong working portfolio, you won’t need for looking clients.

Graphic designers usually use computer software, but many skilled graphic designers are also quite handy in the drawing department.

Below are some notable facts that help you to realize exactly why you want to be a graphic designer:

  1. Employment isn’t Tied With One Company  
  2. Ability to Working With Many Companies
  3. Opt for Self-Employed
  4. Many Specialties to Select From
  5. No Boringness Feelings
  6. Reveal Yourself
  7. Ability to Build Things for own self, Family, and Friends Without Outsourcing
  8. Have the Power to Collaborate with Each Other
  9. Can Build a Proven Portfolio

Working Process As a Graphic Designer:

The work life of a graphic designer is somewhat challenging, and you can divide it into two sections. For example, one is freelancing, and the other is full-time work. And you have to choose precisely in which section you love to work.

If you decide to freelance, the best advantage you’ll have is your working time schedule. Though you have to work with your computer, many diverse types of software, and whatnot, the main benefit you get is how you like to work. Meaning, what is the best time schedule for your work, like in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night? Also, you can build your high-rated, eye-classy portfolio with your skills, and your reputed client’s highly positive reviews.

You can also think about full-time work, a bit different genre from freelancing. Here you have to work with some specific conditions, which means working in an office environment, cooperating with other designers, maintaining the client’s deadlines, and many more. You can also have the possibility to enhance your working skills from your seniors.

In today’s digitally competitive techy environment, graphic design is much more challenging. So, you have to work hard and provide your best effort to stay firm in this department.

Final Words [Graphic Design is My Passion]

Mainly, Graphic design is my passion meme comes from a graphic designer to describe how a poor designer designs a layout. Also, this phrase mocks those designers who have little skills and low competency to achieve an extraordinary design. So, if you’re confident enough and can say “my passion is graphic design,” then you must have advanced knowledge of graphic design tools, tactics, and skills to draw out an outstanding layout.

Indeed, graphic design has many trends that come and gone. But this phrase “graphic design is my passion meme” trend has been with us for a long time now. And this phrase secret is still contemporary and reminds us to have fun and joy in the work before taking ourselves too seriously as a designer.

Hence, meme like “my passion is graphic design” keeps creativity flourishing and energetic, and promotes newcomer in the industry.

FAQ For Graphic Design is My Passion:

1. Briefly Describe the Birth and Use of Graphic Design is My Passion Meme?

ANS:  The phrase “Graphic Design is My Passion” is a meme by a Tumblr user who posted it on the platform and became so viral. After that common users also posted this meme to notify others about bad graphic designs.

2. Discuss the Definition of Graphic Design?

ANS: In a nutshell, it’s a career and a field of study that focus on making visual messages aimed to reach precise visitors. Basically, designers use the guiding concept of “form follows function” to build visually appealing spaces.

3. Why so much demand for graphic designers?

ANS: A good graphic designer enables you to be softened, and to pursue diverse solutions via colors and layouts. On a quick note, it offers endless possibilities to draw anything that make your jaw drop out.

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