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18 Best Clipping Path Service Providers For 2023

If you do everything by yourself, running an e-business can be exhausting. It can be tough to keep up with client and consumer requests. It won’t be easy to compete if you don’t have a fast-paced work procedure. Here, the experienced clipping path service providers are a must to keep a consistent process flow in businesses like e-commerce.

However, a customer’s attention will be drawn to the products when they see a quality image. It raises the likelihood of further sales. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and other successful e-commerce platforms, have made it obligatory to publish product photographs without a cluttered background. Thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs, managers, and online retailers use image clipping services. They are benefiting a lot from the creative clipping path service.

Here, this blog post will inform you of all the key factors about the clipping path service. In addition, I’ll tell you about the Top 18 clipping path service providers in 2023. So, let’s get started!!

Table of Contents

  • Clipping Path: What & How?
  • Top 18 Best Clipping Path Service Providers For E-Business:
    • 1#. Adept Clipping Path:
    • 2#. Path Edits:
    • 3#. Offshore Clipping Path:
    • 4#. Clipping USA:
    • 5# Clipping Factory:
    • 6#. FixThePhoto:
    • 7#. Pixelz:
    • 8#. Clipping Path Experts:
    • 9#. Clipping Path Service:
    • 10#. Color Experts International:
    • 11#. Clipping Way:
    • 12#. Clipping Path Associate:
    • 13#. Clipping World:
    • 14#. Fix The Retouch:
    • 15#. Clipping Path Fix:
    • 16# Clipping Path House (CPH):
    • 17#. Clipp Out Line:
    • 18#. Clipping Path Europe:
  • In Conclusion: [Clipping Path Service Providers]

Clipping Path: What & How?

One of the most common questions is what is a clipping path? In Adobe Photoshop, a clipping path is an image-altering technique. It’s a procedure for creating routes around a single object. The image-altering method makes use of the Photoshop pen tool. But you may publish your product photos without an obstructing background using the clipping path service.

The best solution for e-commerce product photos is the clipping path. Photo editing may take a long time, depending on one’s level of competence in the topic. Aside from that, you must also think about the quality of the work. If you don’t have the time or can’t guarantee quality by editing your product images, it’s time to hire the best clipping path service provider to do it for you.

From culling to background removal to editing, photo processing can be time-consuming. In that case, graphic designers usually use the photoshop pen tool to produce vector lines. Plus, it separates the image from the selected object. The technique prepares e-commerce product images for online upload. Hence, clipping path solutions are categorized into 3 broad categories based on the product item type, including single-layer paths, multi-layer clipping paths, and illustrator clipping paths.

Top 18 Best Clipping Path Service Providers For E-Business:

At present, clipping path services are extremely beneficial to e-commerce enterprises. I commonly used this technique in product photography to erase the background. It can also isolate objects before making modifications to them. If you can make the most of a clipping path, you’ll be able to come up with a lot more marketing concepts.

On the contrary, you’ll need a good partner to carry out these activities for your e-commerce business. Many photo editing companies excel at clipping paths. But it’s not a bad idea to research or test out the clipping path outsources services by sending out a sample photo before taking a final decision.

Now, we’re going to talk about the finest 18 clipping path service providers for 2023. Let’s a quick look before selecting the best one according to your needs.

1#. Adept Clipping Path:

At present, Adept Clipping Path (ACP) is one of the leading & dominant clipping path service providers. As a market challenger, ACP is the top choice of photo editing solutions for graphic designers, photographers, eCommerce business owners, and other firms. We offer many graphic design solutions at a reasonable price worldwide.

Moreover, the head office of Adept Clipping Path is in Middletown, United States, and the main production house is located in Bangladesh. We started our journey in the image editing sector formally in 2011.


With over ten years of professional working experience, we offer Photoshop services including clipping path, background removal, photo retouching, and other graphic layouts with 100% high-quality outputs.

However, we usually provide low rates compared to other providers for photo editing like clipping path, background removal, photo retouching, neck joint, and e-commerce product editing services. We offer discounts for bulk orders.

Besides, our company always tries to maximize efforts for all buyers’ satisfaction. We’d love to provide unlimited revision with no extra charge until the clients are 100% satisfied with our key services.

Therefore, you can get a free trial to examine our work standards before making a final order with us. We are very conscious of the client’s time frame and love to follow all their instructions. We can handle over 8,000 images for clipping paths every single day.

2#. Path Edits:

Path Edits was previously known as Clipping Path India. In 2023, you can rely on this clipping path service provider. Their clipping path solution starts at $0.39, a reasonable price. The level of their provided service can easily impress you. They also include backdrop removal, photo retouching, color correction, neck joint, vector conversion, and the clipping path.

Although its services are reasonably priced, Clipping Path India guarantees that they don’t compromise the quality of its work. They’re well known for their low-cost, and high-quality clipping paths for e-commerce and product photography.


On the other hand, the corporation has over 200 Photoshop skilled editors in three regions to speed up the turnaround time. They can assist you with a tight deadline and also provide quick quotations within 50 minutes, allowing the order to be begun immediately.

In the end, they can edit your product images professionally because of having over 13 years of work experience. On Trustpilot, they have over 4,000 5-star reviews. Overall, Path Edits can complete your image editing work flawlessly.

3#. Offshore Clipping Path:

They are one of the best clipping path service companies in 2023, with over 100 expert graphic designers. Usually like to bring up their turnaround time more than their competitors. They got so many big clients in just 5 years that they now have over a hundred personnel servicing all inquiries. They work hard to please their customers because they feel happy customers are the ones who make their business successful.

Offshore Clipping Path can meet tight deadlines in as little as 12 hours. Photographers from the USA, the UK, and Australia have confidence in their capacity to produce high-quality work.


The Offshore Clipping Path provides simple, medium, and sophisticated clipping paths. They also offer Photo Retouching, Background Removal, Image Masking, Color Correction, Shadow Creation, Ghost Mannequin Services, and clipping paths. You can hire them to improve the appearance & high-quality of your product photos.

4#. Clipping USA:

In 2023, Clipping USA can be one of the leading clipping path service providers. Their headquarters are in Maryland, United States of America. CUSA’s production headquarters is based in Bangladesh. They offer various photo editing services, including clipping path creation.


Overall, the quality of their service is satisfactory. Their clipping path portfolio shows high-quality work with minimal detail loss. As compared to other photo editing companies, clipping USA has a reasonable pricing range.

5# Clipping Factory:

Clipping Factory is a highly experienced clipping path service provider in New Jersey. They usually offer clipping path services of the highest quality. One of our staff members has examined the image sample they provided for their homage. We’re pleased with the top-quality of their clipping path, image masking, and neck joint services.


You may consider their photo processing capabilities. They can deliver around 5000 photos per day. They also have image delivery options of 12 and 24 hours. Their prices begin at 0.49. It’s a little more expensive than other clipping path service providers. That’s it.

6#. FixThePhoto:

FixThePhoto specializes in all forms of photo retouching and delivers high-quality background removal services. They specialize in picture manipulation for the retail business and real estate, wedding, and portrait photography.


The cost range of their key solutions may vary based on the other services that are incorporated on top of background removal. Color correction, shadowing, and other Photoshop retouching services are available to clients. You can also ask for a transparent background version of the photos once they’ve been post-processed so that you can do more with them.

7#. Pixelz:

Pixelz is a subsidiary of Pixelz ApS, a parent company. It was established in 2011. They’ve been doing a fantastic job in the e-commerce product image editing industry since then. Now, they can be considered as one of the top clipping path service companies for 2023.


Therefore, you can send us your product photographs, and we will provide you with the best clipping path services. Are you curious about their pricing? The cost of image editing with Pixelz generally starts at $0.95. Overall, the cost appears to be a little higher than others.

8#. Clipping Path Experts:

It’s one of the leading clipping path service providers in 2023 lists, as its name suggests. They have a lot of experience with Photoshop hand-drawn clipping paths. You can hire them to photograph your e-commerce products. Clipping Path Experts promise your complete happiness & satisfaction.

Clipping Path Experts

Because of having a busy work schedule, it’s crucial that you have to stick with the deadline. This clipping path service provider adheres to strict deadlines at all times. Photographers and virtual sellers typically adore them for this good reason.

9#. Clipping Path Service:

We’ve examined the image editing quality of over 100 different service providers. Here, the Clipping Path Service (CPS) has been selected as the pre-eminent clipping path service provider company in 2023. We have evaluated their work. We’re rather pleased. You can rely on that image editing firm. They always offer 100% handmade e-commerce product photo editing & Photoshop image clipping paths solutions at a reasonable price. 


By contrast, your photo editing project will be accomplished in 4 easy steps. The first and foremost thing is that you must request a free quote. Then you can place an order. Next, you must provide your approval. Upload your photographs to their website in the third step.

Finally, you will receive the edited photographs within the time frame you specified. The CPS is one of the quickest solutions for e-commerce product photographs.

10#. Color Experts International:

Color Experts International, Inc. is another online image editing service provider in the United States. They have over 30 years of professional work experience in the field. In Leesburg, Virginia, they have a self-owned and well-equipped production facility.


They have two offshore offices both in The UAE and Bangladesh. Photo studios, fashion photographers, printing firms, creative design organizations, and web design houses are among their clientele, besides e-commerce sites. They take pleasure in using PayPal to create a hassle-free payment method that is secure and quick.

Color Experts usually love to provide fantastic discounts for large-scale projects. They also provide fair rush service costs, and most of their prices are competitive. Their success is based on a thorough three-step quality assurance process that ensures the highest possible quality every time.

11#. Clipping Way:

Clipping Way offers the highest-quality hand-crafted clipping path service available. They are well known as the reliable service providers in the USA. The United Kingdom, Italy, and a Bangladeshi production house are all involved. They offer customer support 24/ 7/365. They may provide the service at a fair cost. Also, they provide a 100% money-back guarantee and a free trial period.


On the contrary, they have over 120 highly experienced designers. Their professional journey toward photo editing began in 2006. Since then, they’ve been working hard to deliver the top photo editing experience possible. They’ve worked with a wide range of online sellers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, managers, Amazon sellers, and eBay sellers worldwide.

Are you keen to assess their level of service? If Yes, you may sign up for free trial works.

12#. Clipping Path Associate:

It’s a graphic design agency that can assist with editing product images according to the buyer’s requirements. This organization is mostly in Bangladesh and has provided clipping path services for the past 7 years.


Moreover, they provide various image editing services, such as clipping path, shadow creation, background removal, Adobe Photoshop, and ghost mannequin service. They also provide bulk discounts and professional photo editing services simultaneously. They normally charge a little more for image editing than other providers.

13#. Clipping World:

At present, Clipping World claims to be one of the reliable service providers in the clipping path. They are as frequent as a unique organization in providing excellent service. The company’s production facility is in Bangladesh, and the HQs (Headquarters) are in Wharton, New Jersey. In 2012, they began offering legitimate photo editing services.


They believe Clipping World gives 100% efficient services like clipping path, background removal, photo masking, and other Photoshop-related services. Clipping World serves clients from over 50 nations regularly. They also provide 24/7 customer service.

14#. Fix The Retouch:

Fix The Retouch is an established Asian photo editing firm. After more than a decade of service, they are swiftly building a significant foothold in the sector. Its mission is to provide high-quality customized photo editing services and a positive consumer experience. Their design staff is always armed with the most up-to-date industry-standard software.

Fix The Retouch

On top of that, they believe they must keep current and follow the best practices to impact image editing. Every key service they provide has its dedicated staff. Any customers can easily contact Fix The Retouch at any moment with queries or difficulties because they provide a 24/7 customer support system. They’ve also put up this section to describe the most typical daily services.

15#. Clipping Path Fix:

It’s one of the most outstanding clipping path service providers. They’ve been providing photo editing services for the last 5 years. They present excellent photo editing solutions that provide a wide range of visual computerization and photo editing services at a low cost. They know that several picture-altering companies operate via the internet and have included one of them.

Clipping Path Fix

Although they are alike, they have distinct strengths. There are no hidden costs. They have a good range of features including reasonable prices, on-time delivery, unlimited corrections, 100% free preliminary, agreeable installment framework, mass discount, wonderful interchanges, free FTP server, 100% image security, and 24/7 customer help. As a result, they are the most imposing and powerful brand in the clipping path industry.

16# Clipping Path House (CPH):

Nowadays, CPH Graphics Media is a renowned image editing service provider. Although it works with an Australian design studio, the company is in Bangladesh. They’d started their graphic design career in the last several years.


They also provide clipping path, photo masking, background removal, and retouching services still available worldwide. They’ve already hired over 40 professional graphic designers who usually work 3 shifts per day. The organization offers a free trial and a ReDo process to ensure customer satisfaction. That’s all about this service provider. 

You may send your key requirements to them. They can fulfill your needs at the lowest price ranges. They will also look after your e-business and assist you in becoming more prosperous.

17#. Clipp Out Line:

Clipp Out Line is a well-known and dependable graphics design firm specializing in top clipping path solution providers, reconstruction, and post-production services. They have over 11 years of professional work experience. They have a dynamic team of 120+ full-time experts, including account managers, project managers, & quality control management.


Some of their high-quality image editing services are photo clipping path, image background removal, color adjustment, natural shadow, invisible mannequin, cropping, photo retouching & re-sizing, 360-degree photography, and automotive image editing. They usually provide 24/7 quick customer support.

18#. Clipping Path Europe:

Clipping Path Europe is renowned as a reputable image editing company. It was founded in 2014. They have over 7.5 years of professional work experience in the graphic design industry. Its mission is to give top-quality photo editing at a low cost.


Clipping Path Europe is also known for its punctuality. They can complete each delivery on time. Some of their main services are clipping path, multi-clipping path, background removal, image masking, and e-commerce photo processing.

It’s a graphics design firm based in Spain with a production facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They have 40+ graphic designers who have already served 1000+ satisfied buyers worldwide.

In Conclusion: [Clipping Path Service Providers]

To sum up, these are the best clipping path service providers you can employ. In the e-commerce market, having an eye-catching image to show off your products is crucial. Because many clients rely on what they see on the internet, making each photo beautiful and realistic should be a top priority. 

Having a reliable professional provider like Adept Clipping Path at your side to take care of your product photography can come in handy many times. You may be sure to get high-quality photographs that will appear well on your website if you hire any clipping path service company of the above-mentioned 18 online service providers.

While having everything done for your e-business can be effective and satisfying, having a dynamic team to work on your product images is a tremendous support. It will be wonderful not to deal with complicated photo editing procedures. 

In the end, you can efficiently focus on other important business areas, such as honing your marketing techniques if you hire Adept Clipping Path which is the most experienced & specialized company to handle your product photo clipping path needs.

Be satisfied with your steadfast clipping path company!!

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